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Dekel believes that new lifestyles are realized through the integration of living spaces with the community they are part of. Thus every Dekel project has a marriage of the two, putting our diversified development group at the forefront of Panama’s vibrant real estate industry.


Dekel Holdings has focused their efforts in the historic properties Casco Viejo area of Panama City.
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In the Pedasi region, Dekel is creating new lifestyle opportunities for all age groups;  From surfing beaches to countryside hiking.
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Dekel Holdings continues to look for new opportunities in up and coming regions. Updates on their newest projects.
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Panama offers plenty of opportunities for those looking for real estate. It doesn’t matter if they do it as an investment or because they are looking for a beautiful place to spend their vacations. 

If there is a country that welcomes foreign investors with arms wide open, that country is Panama. And the variety of opportunities it offers is massive. 

From properties in a modern and cosmopolitan city like the capital, Panama City, to houses in coffee-growing areas or in the beautiful region of Pedasi, on the Pacific Ocean coast.

Undoubtedly, the real estate business in Panama is very broad. This country offers a unique opportunity for people looking to make the most of their investment.

Real Estate Panama

At Dekel Group we have eight years of experience in real estate development, sales and rentals in Panama. 

Our philosophy is that it is necessary to integrate real estate developments with the community. And that has guided all of our projects.

We also believe that it is important to offer diversity, so we don’t just work in Panama City. We love the fresh air of the countryside and the oceanfront.

Apartments for rent in Panama

If you are searching apartments for rent in Panama, it is likely that in the capital you will find just what you want. 

Panama City is a fully-fledged city. It is a cosmopolitan center, with abundant entertainment opportunities. 

Restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shopping malls… Panama City has a lot to offer to the modern citizen.

But also, the Capital retains its colonial charm. The apartments in Casco Viejo, for example, are a true delight, whether you are looking to rent for a vacation or invest in real estate. 

All of them have been carefully restored. Therefore, the apartments in Panama City manage to combine the comforts of the 21st century with the romanticism of the past. 

But we have more to offer regarding Panama City rentals.

At the Dekel Group we also develop buildings for small local business or franchises. They are places that have the perfect structure and atmosphere for entrepreneurs. People who aim to start a vibrant business within an authentic, innovative and creative space. 

What? You are not looking for apartments in Panama? Don’t worry, our real estate developments in Panama are not limited to the capital city. 

Houses on the beach in Panama

Those looking for homes in Panama usually choose a place near the beach. Turquoise waters, quiet beaches and affordable prices. Panama vacation houses are a dream.

And they are a very profitable investment, too. If you are looking for houses for rent on the beach in Panama, or in sale, you’ve found them. 

Just look at the Pedasi beach houses. They are the perfect opportunity to invest in communities that are just being born. With the real estate developments in Pedasi we are creating a new way of living. 

Those houses are only steps away from the oceanfront, without neglecting comfort and luxury. 

They are the best option for those who love sports or want to spend their afternoons outdoors, maybe hiking in the nearby hills.

Are you looking for a more relaxing lifestyle and family oriented? Then check Andromeda!

Or maybe a young man, woman or couple in search for a surfing beach? Try Blue Venao.

If you want to invest in real estate in Panama, do not hesitate to contact us. We have plenty of options to offer you. 

Also, we invite you to know what else we do at Dekel Group, so please visit our other businesses.

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