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Dekel Group is making places for today’s lifestyles and tomorrow’s generation

When Dekel Group’s founding partners first visited Panama, they recognized that this small country was set to become one of Central America’s economic and commercial development centers.

They found an enticing commercial anomaly: undervalued land combined with socio-economic and geopolitical stability pointing to an exponential uplift in values over the coming years. Since then Dekel has been particularly successful at identifying, securing and acquiring asset portfolios and tracts of land in undervalued corners of the market offering maximum value inflation and price yield potential.

Dekel comprises a diverse team of highly experienced and skilled individuals. In-house expertise covers all aspects of corporate management and governance, from financial control and asset management, to engineering, project management, architecture, design, construction and property management. Dekel Group now comprises an international team of some 200 people dedicated to project development and services to the leisure, tourism and hospitality industries.

Over the last eight years, Dekel Group has grown into one of Panama’s leading real estate developers. The Group’s portfolio of land and real estate assets has grown exponentially, whilst the company has also expanded its sphere of operations into the tourism, leisure and hospitality sector. Dekel Group today encompasses some fifteen individual companies.

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